Manslations.com is up and running!

Oh hello. It's me. The guy who stopped posting here regularly. Now, some might say that was out of laziness. They would not be entirely incorrect. However, in an attempt to sell my book, "Manslations", a comic guide to the male mind, I have just launched a new website:


You should go there. You should read it. You should bookmark it, and go back all the time. All the time, I says!

I'm going to be posting a new manslations related article every weekday, and one of the main things I want to do is to "manslate" for readers who have questions about dating, or just men in general. I've got all kinds of bogus qualifications for doing so. Click on over!

This has the added bonus of being a huge help to me in selling my book. My literary agent tells me that it will really help if I've got a funny Manslations website that people, you know, click on. It's practically an act of patriotism.

(Also, if you see that Comcast commercial with me in it, that is a FATSUIT, ok? They had me wear a fatsuit. I could lose some weight, but not THAT much, all right?)



Keep Your Eyes Peeled, Optimists...

Hello there, to all you optimists who are still checking this space. In the very near future, I'm going to be launching a new website with a whole slew of hilarity. It's related to a manuscript that I'm currently working on selling with my new literary agent! I'll make sure that anything I set up will be linked here.

Stay tuned......

P.S. If you see a Little Debbie commercial featuring roller skating donuts, one of the voices is ME! Also, watch for a Comcast commercial in which I am wearing a fatsuit!!!!!


Cat Crimes!

That is the name of the book that I saw at Barnes & Noble. $4.98. It's a compilation of mysteries that somehow involve cats. I think the subtitle might have been: "Lonely lady -- Hello." Genius marketing concept, though. Combining the vicarious excitement of a crime story with the common housecat -- the accessory of the loveless. Brilliant. If they can somehow cram knitting* in there somewhere, they've hit the 19th century spinster hat trick.

I think the last 20 pages was all recipies for single-serving meals.

*I know that knitting has become a hipster irony thing, but you're not fooling me, hipster ladies, with your, "I'm so sexy, I can do something as grandmotherly as knit, and you STILL want this booty." Whether or not I DO still want it is immaterial. I hereby rescind my desire for that booty retroactively.


Dear Johnny Five-Flush,

How are you? I am just fine.

No, wait. Let's go back to, "How are you?" as I think it addresses my main concern -- your health. Now, I don't want to get into any specifics with you as to why you felt that five flushes were necessary. I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt on this one that five was right on the money. In fact, I'm begging you to allow me to give you the benefit of the doubt, if that means that I never, EVER, know more about what happened in there than I do right now.

All I am saying is that five flushes, while very possibly appropriate for the situation, are NOT appropriate for a normal, healthy human being. And you need to go to the doctor, like, today.If you were a gorilla or an elephant, sure, I bet that a human toilet flush would not suit your needs. Great white shark? Forget about it. Those guys eat adult seals whole. They probably poop a baby seal. Gosh, I know I would.

But, lest we forget, you are none of these creatures. You are a human. With big, big problems on the horizon. Just one thought -- again without the benefit of (nor the desire for) more details. Whatever you ate most recently? Yeah, maybe no more of that. Doesn't really matter how delicious it was. In fact, were I you, I'd consider not even walking on the same block as the restaurant/bodega/trashcan where you got it. It might take you a few more minutes to get home, but I think it's worth it.


Everyone besides you


Know what's invigorating?

Having to take a cold shower on one of the 3 actually cold mornings we've had this winter. But before you run right out and try this yourselves (No, no. Stop running and listen!) here are a few alternatives that you might consider.
  • Start a list without a clue of what to put in it. That always makes me feel vigorous and healthy.
  • Pour a quart of rubbing alcohol into your eye. Totally revitalizing.
  • Rub smelly, low-tide sand in your hair. You won't necessarily be cold, but you won't be very happy.
  • Sniff a lot of model airplane glue and run naked through the Bronx, screaming racial slurs appropriate to whomever you pass. Feeling awake and alive?
  • Think of a very delicate, sensitive part of your body. Got one? Good. Pour gasoline on it. Now, light a match. Just as you are about to ignite that tender piece of yourself, take a really, really cold shower on a day like today and feel just how not relieved you are.


I don't mean to brag...

...but I was at an audition yesterday with Tony Roberts. For the same role. Now...people, you might not know me personally. But here's a question. I know it was only our voices that were auditioning for the same thing, but from what you can see in my photo up there, is there a role on the earth for which BOTH Tony Roberts and I might be appropriate?

I am considering changing my intro at standup shows to something like...

"He's been mistaken for Tony Roberts since early 2007, please welcome Jeff Mac!"


"It's just like listening to certain parts of Annie Hall -- JEFF MAC!!!"